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UWC Atlantic College

School Name: UWC Atlantic College
Location: St Donats Castle, Llantwit Major, Valeof Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom
Founded Year: 1962
Religion: -
Motto: -
Type: Co-ed
Boarding Age: 16-19
Year Group: Year 6 - Year 13
No. of Students: 347
No. of Boarders: 347
School Facilities:
Entry Requirement:


Extracurricular Activities:


Contact Details
Director of Admissions:
Jan Bishop
St Donats Castle, Llantwit Major, Valeof Glamorgan, Wales CF61 1WF, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1446 799000

The School

  • The UWC of the Atlantic College is an international IB Diploma Programme independent (private) residential Sixth Form College in the United Kingdom.
  • Founded in 1962, it was the fi rst of the United World Colleges and was among the fi rst educational institutions in the world to follow an international curriculum. It is known for its liberal, progressive and radical educational and global ethos and is nattended by approximately 350 students from more than 75 countries. In addition to the International Baccalaureate curriculum, the College encourages student participation in community service.


  • Entry into a UWC school or college is based on a students' commitment to UWC values and how suited they are to champion UWC's mission. Many UWC students are awarded scholarships directly from the school or college or through the national committee system. UWC national committees are located in nearly 130 countries, some are run completely by volunteers, others have staff.
  • Applicants for UWC scholarships are interviewed by national committees, all of which have a slightly different system but are unifi ed by the UWC mission and values.
  • In Hong Kong, applicants are invited to attend a day-camp named "Challenge Day" where they engaged in activities such as debate, learning a new language, and group games. Shortlisted applicants then attend a fi nal interview before gaining admission.

IB Diploma Program

  • One of the fi rst colleges in the world and fi rst in UK to follow an international curriculum, Atlantic College continues to lead the way in pioneering new options for the broad-ranging International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.
  • Since 1972 the sole academic programme has been the IB, with the fi rst students to study exclusively for the IB having entered the College in 1971. The College was infl uential in the creation of the International Baccalaureate and continues to be actively involved in its development.
  • IB graduates are typically accepted at the most competitive colleges and universities around the world, with many enrolling in Ivy League universities. Many other students attend British universities. Students at the college are eligible, after graduation, to participate in The Davis United World College Scholars Program, which funds undergraduate study (based on need) for UWC students at universities in the United States. Despite this, the stated aim of the College is that students return to their home communities or regions after completing their studies to enable and encourage social and economic development around the world and across societies, rather than removing those most able to facilitate change from those areas most in need of it.
  • The class of 2008 were academically the college’s most successful year in its 46-year history. Seventysix students, almost half of the graduating class of 163, received a total of 151 unconditional acceptances at top US universities, and 13 students were offered conditional places to study at Oxbridge.
  • Among the offers, there were 21 acceptances to Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Cornell and Princeton.
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