Pharmacy 藥劑學








英國 University of East Anglia – MPharm Pharmacy with a placement year


• 課程包含了為期12個月的工作實習;在課程的第二年,學生便需要就工作實習與僱主進行面試
• 最後一年需要應考當地藥劑師註冊考試 (pre-registration exam)

* 資料以院校公佈的入學要求及課程內容為準
資料來源:各院校指定專業課程網頁、University of East Anglia :



• 認可的藥劑學學位,及相關的修業成績
• 藥劑學實際經驗評核證書
• 由註冊當地藥劑業管理局發出的藥劑師註冊證明書(例如:澳洲Australian Pharmacy Council、英國General Pharmaceutical Council)
• 註冊當地藥劑業管理局最近發出的良好聲譽信件
• 現有藥劑師執業牌照 (如有)
• 必須通過香港藥劑業及毒藥管理局藥劑師註冊的筆試



^ 資料以相關專業部門公佈為準
資料來源:香港藥劑業及毒藥管理局 :


黎倚華 Gloria Lai
MPharm graduate from University of East Anglia

After I have graduated, I am having a year as a pre-registration pharmacist in Boots before I am fully qualified. In this year, I am training to be a pharmacist and I have a much organised schedule for training. I am entitled to have an hour private study time everyday, I will be studying the BNF, doing the workbook and preparing for the study day.In the first month, I was mostly working over-the-counter, helping customers to treat their minor ailments, providing advice to help them to choose the most appropriate and safe products and promoting healthy lifestyle, such as smoking cessation. And then I was mainly working in the dispensary. My job involve stock reviewing, labelling and dispensing prescriptions, clinical checking prescriptions, ensuring the prescription is legally completed and medications are at the right dosage. Also, I am counselling patients of any adverse side-effects or potential interactions of their medications and instructing patients on the use of medicines and medical appliances.

Actually this is a really challenging job for me as I need to manage well on both working and studying. And it was quite difficult for me at the beginning for several reasons since I was working in a totally new environment far away from my university and due to different cultures and language barrier. But I was very luckily that all colleagues and friends have given me many support and encouragement. Now I am able to cope well under pressure and embrace changes, my confidence as well as my professionalism and accountability have been enhanced.