Law 法律系







英國 Lancaster University – LLB (Hons) Law


• 首年會教授基本的法律知識和技巧,例如:Criminal Law、English Legal System and Methods、European Union Law、Law of Contracts、Law of Torts、Public Law
• 學生於最後兩年可選修不同的專業範疇,如Company Law、Cybercrime、Health Care Law 等等

* 資料以院校公佈的入學要求及課程內容為準
資料來源:各院校指定專業課程網頁、Lancaster University :



• 完成海外法學士 (LLB)
• 如沒有修讀指定的十一個專業學科(如民事訴訟法、刑事訴訟法、憲法等等),需要自修或額外進修銜接課程;應考法學專業入學資格考試(PCLL Conversion Examination),考試合格者可入讀一年制的法學專業證書課程(PCLL)
• 成為事務律師:完成PCLL課程後,到律師事務所實習兩年
• 成為大律師:完成PCLL課程及半年的實習期後,要得到「師傅」批准及大律師公會的認可,再實習半年後便可正式執業



^ 資料以專業學會公佈為準
資料來源:香港大律師公會、香港律師會、PCLL Conversion Examination Board



周明初 Melissa Chow
LLB Law graduate from University of East Anglia

I felt both overwhelmed and excited when I first started the course. Other than getting used to a new culture and to live independently, I had to put extra effort to learn about the English way of teaching. Comparing to our local style of teaching, English style of teaching focuses more on working in your own time. Therefore, the amount of reading one must do in preparation for a class may seem daunting but over time, with the help of lecturers and other course mates, I found it not as difficult. The style of learning also encourages students to be more outspoken and that was definitely something I had to adjust to as well. I would suggest also freshers to also join various activities hosted by the law society to make more friends.

I have worked for some top-tiered law firms as an intern during my time in university, such as Stephenson Harwood and Jun He Law Offices. Students should not feel pressured to deliver work as well as a lawyer as universities normally gears you up with research skills and focuses mainly on the point of law rather than practical application. Therefore, interns are expected to get a first hand perspective of life in a law firm such the particular firm's culture and types of businesses they do. Learn more about the firm and also network with people within the firm. You are there to gain knowledge and exposure so just enjoy the whole experience!